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Carat London launches new lab grown diamond platform

Carat London has launched Gentle Diamonds, its new lab grown diamond platform.

Carat London said it is “proud” to be the first national retailer to offer this product in the UK.

In 2004, Scott Thompson, founder of Carat London first invested with Gemesis, one of the early pioneers of diamond growing technology. At the time, the growing techniques were not advanced enough to accommodate scalability and reliable supply.

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Additionally, Carat said they believed consumers’ concerns were not behind sustainability nor where their diamonds were coming from. 16 years later, Thompson said he believes the time is now, both in terms of growing techniques and people’s mindsets.

Thompson said: “Our lab grown diamonds have the same physical, atomic and elemental properties as mined diamonds and since no mining is necessary, they are simply a vote for what you believe in.

“She now has a choice, sustainable or not. We believe we have a diamond with better values as well as better value.”

Starting from September 2019, the platform will offer customised rings, allowing customers the chance to create their ideal engagement ring online and in selected Carat London boutiques.

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