5 Jewellery Trends You Need to Stock Up on This 2020 – What to Know

There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect accessory to complete your outfit of the day. While there are staple favourites like diamond and stones, there are also modern trends that are livening up the jewellery fashion scene with its exciting changes and bolder seams. 

After all, every ensemble deserves to wear an accent that would highlight both the wearer’s style and personality. For the adventurous gal, allover sequins, daring studs, statement earrings, and bolder pieces may be the perfect ensemble.

To that end, the jewellery industry is one step ahead as it’s already gearing up to set new trends for 2020. 


Trend #1: Gemstones Over Diamonds

You can now channel your inner fantasy royal as large gemstones come back in style. This versatile and colourful fashion piece can work a simple outfit by adding a touch of flair to your style. From statement rings to subtle studs, this birthstone-inspired accessory is becoming a fashion staple for modern women.  

Trend #2: Bold and Colourful Earrings 

Even though neutrals dominated the sartorial streets in jewellery last season, the tides are making a colourful turn as vibrant colours dominate jewellery stores. From playful pigments in oversized hoops to glamorous, curtain-tassel earrings for an old-Hollywood look, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of this bolder season. 

Trend #3: DIY and Craft Designs

Contemporary jewellery favourites are now adding a floral dimension using handcrafted designs. It adds a textural twist on an otherwise traditional detail – from delicate and cascading designs to clay pieces, these are an ideal addition for the kind of gal who wants to embrace a rustic charm to DIY adornments. 

Trend #4: Chunky Chains 

Not all girls love pearls – some aren’t afraid to make a statement out in the streets, which is why chunky chains are back from the ‘80s as dainty chokers tale the backstage. Not only does the bold style make a powerful statement, but it also elevates even the simplest of outfits.

Trend #5: Baroque and Playful Pearls

Pearls are timeless pieces that never go out of style, but 2020 is putting a modern twist on traditional favourites as natural shades, soft rose, creamy highlights, baroque, and uneven textures take centre stage. Playful designs have reinvented pearls in a sleek design that oozes modernity, and the broken style combines bold with a feminine style.

Every occasion calls for a much-needed wardrobe refresh after all, and we’re to help with these top trends that are sure to start the new year with a bang with the guide above. 

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