Annie’s Legacy donates to hospice

Annie’s Legacy has announced that it will donate a 15% contribution to the East Cheshire Hospice for all projects undertaken or purchases made in the memory of a loved one.

Annie’s Legacy is a “new, sensitive and unique service” that repurposes the jewellery left behind by loved ones.

Helen Dimmick, the jewellery consultant for the group, will lead a network of workshops that will resize rings, remodel jewellery, recycle gold for cash or create bespoke items. 

The business was named after Dimmick’s grandmother, who died in the East Cheshire Hospice in 1994. 

Dimmick said: “The care and dignity with which she was treated has stayed with me and although I so often think of her, I know she is at peace and now reunited with her beloved husband Jim.  

“Today she is my guardian angel and I am very appreciative and respectful of the special care only a hospice can provide. In her name, and in the appreciation of the care she received, I want to give something back to those who have lost a loved one and those who supported us in their care.”

She added: “I’m passionate about both jewellery and people and see my role as bringing the two together. Professionally I’m a qualified gemmologist, diamond grader and jewellery specialist; but personally I am motivated by the important role jewellery plays a symbol of love, friendship and the representation of significant moments in our lives.

“We are only ever guardians of jewellery for a fleeting moment in time, as precious metals and gemstones have a durability ensuring they are passed on to generation after generation. Annie’s Legacy will ensure that the memories embodied by jewellery passed down, are treasured, safeguarded or given a new lease of life.”

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