Covid-19 and the jewellery business – How store owners should be preparing for re-openings

Although COVID-19 continues to affect the world, its clutches are gradually loosening. Cities from all over the world have ceased on lockdowns, prompting business owners to develop plans and strategies for re-opening. A collaborative effort is necessary, especially since reopenings are happening sooner than anticipated—with cures and vaccines still in need, businesses and individuals scramble to find ways to exist in a post-COVID world, especially since the future remains uncertain. 

Jewellery stores from all across the United Kingdom understand exactly what needs to be done—with their luxury goods and sales at stake, creating multiple plans and forecasts has helped them prepare for possibilities—including the resurgence of the deadly virus. 

For peace of mind and health intact, a detailed and well-thought-out plan is required. If you’re one of the jewellery businesses opening soon, here the two most crucial things you must take into consideration:

Prioritise security 

While the health and well-being of everyone are vital, having an exterior camera will help you protect your goods and premises. Your customers will also be likely wearing masks, making it difficult or nearly impossible to identify them, so ask them to momentarily lower their masks before entering the store. Once inside the store, however, remind them to keep their masks at all times. 

If you cannot get a hold of outdoor cameras, however, ask for identification before showcasing your products. While it may seem too much work, be honest with your customers and let them know beforehand about heightened security. Crimes may run rampant, and it is in your business’s best interest to remain vigilant. 

Also, ensure that your alarm and security systems are functioning properly. Makes sure that every nook and cranny of the property is captured under surveillance, with resolution enough to identify possible offenders. Your alarm systems, on the other hand, need to be working. Conduct a thorough checking before re-opening, taking time to check if your alarm system pathways are clear and functioning. 

Ensure employee health, safety, and wellbeing 

Dealing with the COVID-19 is a serious matter, but going back to work is necessary for the survival of the business. Understand that your employees are essentially risking their lives for work, so provide them with what they need. Re-train them before re-opening, and make sure you do everything in your power to make them feel comfortable. Provide them with masks, disinfectants, and other essential items, all the while reminding them to remain vigilant while interacting with customers.

It’s also important to ensure that they are fit and healthy before returning to work. Be on the lookout for health requirements for employees, and if possible, ask them to provide health clearances and negative swab test results before coming back. Temperature checks should also be done daily and should an employee fall ill, have a plan set. The world is essentially living with the virus, after—contracting the virus is always a risk waiting around the corner. 

Recovering from COVID-19

There’s no denying that businesses will be witnessing a slow start. With fear in the air and the risk of contracting the virus very much threatening, it will take a while before customers begin comfortable going out. Your best move is to simply wait and ensure that safety measures are conducted.

Customers will eventually begin visiting their jewellers once again, especially once they deem your place safe and protected from the virus. You’ll likely be working on custom projects and repairs, and so your customers will likely be waiting for the completion of orders. So long as you take the necessary precautions and plan accordingly, you’ll be able to re-open your jewellery store with renewed vigour.

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