De Beers launches ReSet initiative

De Beers Group has announced the launch of Reset, a new initiative by the diamond company to engage in conversations with jewellery designers around sustainability and to promote the positive impact of natural diamonds.

The ReSet Collection launches today (5 October) and is a collaboration with five leading US designers, including Jade Trau, Jennie Kwon, Julez Bryant, Sara Weinstock and Zoë Chicco.

Colby Shergalis, senior vice president of De Beers Group Brand, said: ‘‘Through ReSet, we are connecting a community of jewelry designers to the people and places where our diamonds originate, so the designers can learn more about the journey of a De Beers diamond and the positive impact it makes. 

‘‘We were proud to host Jade, Jennie, Julez, Sara and Zoë at our operations in Botswana, and have been moved by their enthusiasm about sharing what they’ve learned and by their desire to find additional ways to give back.’’

He added: ‘‘The beautiful and unique pendants they created are the result of months of work, in challenging times, spurred on by the memories of the extraordinary connections they made with one another and with the people of Botswana and we look forward to launching the collection.’’

Jennie Kwon said: ‘‘Us designers formed such a special bond while we were out in Botswana with De Beers Group and we wanted to commemorate the experience by collaborating on a project that would live on beyond the trip. 

‘‘As this project started to get fleshed out, it became important to us that the project feel relevant to the times, with so many things going on this year. Once it was decided that the proceeds would go towards causes that we each felt were relevant and important, the purpose became two-fold, so took on even more weight.’’

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