Forevermark launches first 3D virtual try-on

forevermark fitting webDe Beers’ Forevermark diamond brand has launched the first 3D virtual try-on for pendants and earrings, in partnership with creative agency AKQA and digital reality expert Holition.


By using a webcam and the designated Forevermark cut-outs, the My Forevermark Fitting application allows customers to view themselves wearing a selection of Forevermark diamond rings, pendants and earrings in 3D. When activated, the pieces move and sparkle in real time, offering wearers a unique preview of the pieces in the comfort of their own homes.

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Jonathan Chippindale, CEO of Holition, explained: “Not only is the user able to see real time light move throughout the Forevermark diamond, they are additionally able to imagine the way in which the unique articulated design will flow with their movement; a true reflection of the actual item of jewellery, which comes to life when worn.”


The application is available for download on the Forevermark website.



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