Makeover for Warrenders’ Sutton store

shopfront180webSurrey jeweller Warrenders has completed the first refurbishment of its Sutton store in 40 years of business. The shop has been transformed into an up-to-date retail space with a “fresh and visible layout.”


The family-run establishment has specialised in diamond and precious gemstone jewellery for three generations, and the new store “combines the future aspirations and heritage of the company with customers’ needs.”


Among the changes are reception-style counters, merchandising on the shopfloor and a new consultation area. The fittings and furniture were selected to “enhance the jewellery and showcase what the company stands for.”


Sales manager Jim Donnelly said: “Customers still find the same friendly and professional customer service that Warrenders is known for, but we are now better equipped and have a space that is completely dedicated to our customers and their shopping experience.”

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