Fancy Colour Diamond prices dropped in 2020, reports FCRF

The Fancy Colour Research Foundation announced a slight decrease in sales between Q3 and Q4 for Fancy Colour Diamonds in 2020

The Fancy Colour Research Foundation (FCRF) has announced the Fancy Color Diamond INDEX results for 2020’s fourth quarter, showing a slight drop in prices over the quarter.

Overall, Fancy Colour diamonds decreased by 1% over the year with the industry showing resilience despite the pandemic.

The Yellow category of diamond decreased by 0.3%, Pinks by 0.9% and Blues by 1.3%.

Furthermore, the Vivid category in all colors and sizes showed better stability, decreasing only by 0.4%, while the Intense category decreased by 0.9%, and the Fancy category by 1%.

Eden Rachminov, FCRF’s advisory board member, said: “2020 was a fascinating year; wholesalers and retailers alike had to overcome many logistical hurdles in order to finalize simple transactions, while demand for Fancy Color Diamonds was solid.

“I expect 2021 to be a bullish year for Yellows, their current price is relatively low and I think that a price increase is inevitable.”

He added: “The Fancy Color Diamond Index is published by the non-profit Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), tracking pricing data for Yellow, Pink, and Blue fancy color diamonds in major global trading centers – Hong Kong, New York, Geneva and Tel Aviv.”

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