Baunat to accept crypto payments

In order to facilitate the move, the brand has partnered with a global crypto dedicated and blockchain based payment platform

Baunat, a Belgian-based fine diamond jeweller, has announced that it is set to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for all transactions.

However, as a result of the group not deciding to take any position in cryptocurrency, it has instead partnered with a global crypto dedicated and blockchain based payment platform.

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To buy cryptocurrencies, the brand acknowledged that customers will need to transfer real money into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies via an exchange, holding the currency in an online app called a “wallet”.

Stefaan Mouradian, chief executive at Baunat, said that “crypto is undeniably the future of fintech”.

He added: “As an innovative company, it is a logical step to introduce cryptocurrency as a payment option on our website. With this addition, we are reaching out to a community valued over £2tn.”

Steven Boelens, executive director at the company, added: “Baunat has always been an early adopter when it comes to technology and in today’s economic climate it’s easy to see the added value of a payment technology that’s on the verge of exploding into the mainstream market.”

The cryptocurrency can be used to purchase Baunat’s handmade in Antwerp pieces online that are showcased at the group’s showrooms across Europe.

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