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With Love Darling launches ‘Nature Inspired’ collection

The Nature Inspired pieces add to an extensive ‘Global Goals’ collection released earlier by the group

Jewellery brand With Love Darling has released a ‘Nature Inspired’ jewellery collection in time for AW21.

The Autumn inspired charms feature animal and plant-centric jewellery made from either 18ct gold vermeil or 925 nickel-free and rhodium plated sterling silver.

The Nature Inspired pieces add to an extensive “Global Goals” collection launched earlier by With Love Darling.

Mirroring the United Nations 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Goals charms each act as a representation of one of the 17 key development goals.

Available as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or keychains, the pieces are categorised in tandem with the UN’s targets, including but not limited to no poverty, zero hunger, gender equality, and climate action.

The jewellery brand said that it is “part of the movement that is bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability”.

It added: “We are striving for responsible and sustainable production, with no infringement on basic human rights.

“It is our aim to create maximum awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals, and have every engaged human being wearing a piece of The Global Goals collection in a bid to create positive change.”

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