Juno launches 14 days’ free jewellery insurance policy

Juno Jewellery Insurance has launched a new initiative for jewellery retailers. which could help provide instant insurance protection from the moment customers leave the shop or receive an item at home.

Everyone knows that insurance for valuable items is important, and never more so than in the initial period following purchase. At this time, it’s critical that owners have the peace of mind that valuable jewellery is insured against loss, damage, and theft. Sometimes it can take a while to arrange cover, so the option of 14 days’ free cover seems a worthwhile benefit.

Juno have devised a free 14-day policy underwritten at Lloyd’s of London which will provide insurance during this initial period of ownership. Cover operates totally separately from any Jewellers Block Insurance the retailer may have.    

This initiative has many advantages, not least that there are no set up or ongoing costs to the jeweller, its free to the customer as well. Additionally, no computer integration is required, and if the customer goes on to extend cover with Juno beyond the initial 14 days, commission will be paid to the retailer, and again at each renewal, and on any additional items of jewellery the customer adds to their policy. 


Bob Andrews, managing director of Juno, informed us that the initiative is simple to operate and doesn’t involve any form filling in by jewellers’ staff, which he knows is a bonus. Customers simply activate the policy via a QR code or by visiting a web page unique to each jeweller. 

Policy documents detailing the cover are emailed to the customer immediately, and everything is tracked to the jeweller by means of a code.

This is a complementary additional service that jewellers can easily set up and introduce to their customers, and because there is no computer integration work required, it can be up and running very quickly. Leaving a store with a valuable item can be worrying, but with this facility, cover can be arranged from the moment the customer leaves. This will give them time to investigate either extending the JUNO policy beyond 14 days or making their own arrangements for cover.

Andrews states: “We know that many customers enquire about insurance for jewellery at the point of sale, and we are thrilled to extend this opportunity to jewellers nationwide.We want to work with jewellers to provide insurance cover for their customers. In the event of loss or damage occurring throughout the lifetime of a policy, we are happy to go back to the retailer for repair or replacement, thus enabling them to keep their relationship with the customer. Our free policy reflects our commitment to creating value for both jewellers and their customers.”

If you would like more information or to apply to be able to have this facility, you can contact Juno as follows: or  alison.bull, or call them on  0203 907 8080

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