Graff reveals new Lesotho Pink diamond ring

Graff has unveiled a new ring made from the cut and polished 13.33ct Graff Lesotho Pink diamond.

According to the group, expert gemologists and craftsmen spent many months analysing the “complexities” of the rare diamond, and how best to capture the “extraordinary beauty of its unusually vibrant pink hue”.

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The rough stone was discovered at the Letseng mine in the African Kingdom of Lesotho in February 2019. Laurence Graff purchased the Graff Lesotho Pink diamond for $8.75m (£7.17m) breaking the record dollar per carat price of any Letseng diamond.

A statement by Graff read: “Graff has cut and polished the majority of important diamonds discovered this century, with an exceptional cutting and polishing division equipped with pioneering technology and world leading polishers and gemologists.

“The world’s already extremely limited resources of pink diamonds are quickly depleting, as the mines where these rarities are discovered gradually become extinct. They are the very pinnacle of diamond marvels; highly sought-after by those who want to enter the rarefied and exclusive group of connoisseurs who appreciate these precious pink stones for their sublime beauty.

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