Bybiehl expands presence in UK market

Jewellery maker Bybiehl has announced its plans for growth among the UK market.

Since launching in the UK last year, the group has announced plans to focus on its brand awareness and sales in the country.

The Scandinavian brand said that UK expansion was an “important piece in the puzzle of becoming a truly international jewellery brand”.

Founder Charlotte Biehl said: “We have launched in the UK because we believe that byBiehl can become a huge success over here. To receive this, we have had a great focus on growth and turned up the gas on every channel ever since.”

Biehl added: “We are so happy to see that our hard work in the UK is paying off. Earlier this year we won the award ‘brand to watch’ at the 2019 Jewellery Award show in London, and today we are sold in more than 40 jewellery retailers in the UK. 

Earlier this month, the brand appointed Mark Boden as sales director in the UK in order to “turn up the gas” on UK business. 

He will oversee a new partnership with David Christopher, and expand a current collaboration with Allum and Sidaway.

Biehl added: “To appoint Mark Boden as sales director in the UK, who has now signed partnership with David Christopher and expanded the collaboration with Allum and Sidaway, is a clear sign that we are doing things the right way.”

Commenting on the deal with David Christopher, Boden said: “We are quite selective in ByBiehl’s distribution strategy. We wish to work with the best jewellery retailers that we believe we can grow the brand together with.”

He added: “I have worked for ByBiehl for less than a month, and I’m really happy to see all of the support and interest that leading jewellers is showing ByBiehl. I really see a big potential for ByBiehl in the UK. 

“The UK market is one of the best jewellery industries to be a part of, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring for ByBiehl jewellery over here.”

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