Just Diamonds offers free platform to jewellers

Just Diamonds is offering its diamonds and gems selector platform to retail jewellers for no additional fee. 

By incorporating the platform, customers of retail jewellers will now be able to order specified stones directly from the retailers’ sites.

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The diamonds and gems supplier supplies a wide variety of certified diamonds at “highly competitive” prices to the industry, and is looking to introduce natural coloured gemstones, lab-grown diamonds and mounts to its offering in the next few weeks. 

Most certified diamonds offered by Just Diamonds have GIA reports, with some stones certified by IGI or HRD. Its range also includes EGL-certified diamonds.

Dinesh Parekh, director of Just Diamonds, said: “After a retailer has placed our diamond and gems platform for free onto their website, their customers will be able to identify and order a stone they want from the retailer site.

“The customer puts in their order; the retailer can then verify the order with the customer, and can proceed to order the diamond with us. The platform makes the selection of diamonds incredibly simple for the customer, and the software is ‘white labelled’ to suit the requirements of the retailer.”

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