Swarovski Crystal Studio opens in London

Swarovski claims to be “redefining retail in the jewellery space” through the launch of its new Crystal Studio concept for customers. 

After a series of “successful” openings in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, LA and Shanghai, Crystal Studio has now opened in London’s Oxford Street. 

Its latest retail offering “elevates the in-store experience” by offering an interactive and socially focused environment. 

Digital touch points are featured throughout the store, while a Crystal Bar – an “immersive” jewellery station –  enables customers to discover new products, curate looks with consultations from in-store stylists and explore product ranges virtually. 

Digital dimensions are integrated throughout the site and work to “guide the shopping experience”, including dimensions in the shop window screens, as well as interactive tablets that provide styling tips. 

The new store also features screens that display visuals, seasonal brand and campaign content, and “create a contemporary, fresh and immersive in-store experience”.

Robert Buchbauer, chairman and CEO Swarovski Crystal Business, said: “Innovation, creativity and the customer are at the core of this exciting new store concept.

“Before we started working on the aesthetics, we focused on functionality, with the ambition being to meet the digital demands of our consumers, while offering them a unique and immersive brand and shopping experience.”

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