Alrosa unearths 236-ct diamond

Almazy Anabara, a subsidiary of the Alrosa Group, has unearthed a 236-ct rough diamond of “intense” yellow-brown colour in Russia. 

The diamond was extracted from the Ebelyakh mine in Yakutia, and is the largest natural colour rough diamond ever found in the country.

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The diamond’s dimensions are 47x24x22 mm, and, according to preliminary estimates, it is between 120 million 230 million years old.

Pavel Vinikhin, head of Diamonds of Alrosa’s cutting and polishing division, said: “Such a large natural color rough diamond is a unique discovery. 

“Now, the stone is at Alrosa’s United Selling Organization being studied and evaluated by our specialists. After that, we will decide whether to give it to our manufacturers for cutting or sell it as a rough. Of course, cutters in any country will be interested in such a diamond, as it has the potential to give several high quality polished diamonds.”

The Ebelyakh alluvial diamond deposit, operated by Almazy Anabara, is located on the Anabar River of the Republic of Sakha. 

Several unique fcoloured diamonds have been unearthed there previously, and in 2017, the group mined three unique fancy colour diamonds within a month, unearthing intense yellow, pink and purple-pink stones. 

All three stones were cut by Diamonds of Alrosa and presented as polished diamonds to the public. 

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