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The Alkemistry and Wolf announce collaboration

The Alkemistry, a fine-jewellery brand, has collaborated with the global luxury accessories specialist, Wolf, to offer a limited-edition jewellery box.

The box, worth £139, is set to launch in mid-November, and comes in navy velvet with embroidered gold stars, turquoise moons, and an eye centrepiece.

Designed to represent female-empowerment, the box borrows its inspiration from the high priestess tarot card. 

Kristie Gibbs, founder and creative director at the Alkemistry, said: “For our collaboration with Wolf we borrowed from both brands’ values. We focussed on female empowerment and as always, we wanted to incorporate a hint of magic, so took inspiration from the ancient female dignitary, the high priestess.” 

Also featured is Wolf’s patented anti-tarnish technology that is designed to protect the jewellery contained inside the box for years to come.

Gibbs added: “The protection of Wolf’s jewellery boxes meant that the symbolism of the protective eye was a natural link.” 

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