Forevermark announces partnership with conservation charity Tusk

For the Forevermark-supported Rhino Sculpture, the diamond brand has partnered with contemporary British Artist Dave White

Forevermark, the diamond brand of De Beers Group, has announced it has partnered with the Tusk Rhino Trail, a central London wide art installation run by UK registered charity, Tusk.

The Tusk Rhino Trail is supported by an invited list of internationally respected and collected artists and designers who have specially designed, decorated and embellished 21 rhino sculptures.

For the Forevermark-supported Rhino Sculpture, Forevermark has partnered with contemporary British Artist Dave White. Of his rhino design, which he has titled ‘Fragile’, Dave White said his Forevermark design represents the “fragile balance of order and chaos in the natural world” and the “impact that humans are having on our environment”.

Tusk CEO, Charlie Mayhew, said: “We’re at a crisis point where the threat to rhino from poaching means a very real risk of losing this near prehistoric species forever to extinction. Tusk is incredibly grateful to all the amazing artists, generous sponsors and partners involved in the Tusk Rhino Trail for joining forces with us to work toward a future for rhino and other threatened species across Africa. Through the Trail we hope to inspire as many people as possible to join us in the fight.”

Costantino Papadimitriou, chief marketing officer at Forevermark added: “We are proud to partner with Tusk and Dave White on the Tusk Rhino Trail. The emotional and realistic sensation that White has created with his design perfectly captures the fragility of the rhino’s survival and just how important it is, for each and every one of us, to proactively be a part of protecting one of nature’s treasures.

“Forevermark is committed to raising awareness around rhino conservation and to supporting partners in shared conservation efforts is a key focus for both De Beers and Forevermark.”

He continued: “De Beers has been active in the conservation of rhinos for many years and it is our shared belief that all species, including the white and black rhino which are critically endangered, belong to the planet and must be protected for future generations.”

The sculptures will be displayed at a selection of iconic London sites including New Bond Street, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Carnaby Street and will conclude with the celebration of World Rhino Day on September 22 2018.

The unique artworks will then go to auction in aid of Tusk on October 9 2018 at an event hosted by leading London auction house, Christie’s.

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