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My Store: Crazy Pig Designs

From the age of 16 Armand Serra has been a professional guitar player, however following a move to London where he auditioned for many famous bands including, UFO, Thin Lizzy and Motorhead he eventually found himself working at a jewellery store in Carnaby Street. At first Serra had little interest in the jewellery that he was selling: “It was just a job, a small but steady income that would allow me to pursue my other interests in music, drawing and designing”.

Yet with no formal jewellery training whatsoever Armand could see the potential of using his drawing skills in conjunction with his musical influences to develop what was soon to become ‘classic rock and roll jewellery’.

After years of designing rings, pendants and bracelets for rock lovers Serra and his wife Jeannette decided to set up Crazy Pig Designs in 1992 in Covent Garden where it still has its flagship store and workshop. Over the years the brand has grown and most notably opened a second store in Tokyo, which opened in November 2017. Self-described as being “well known worldwide” for their skull rings which have been worn by celebrities and musicians such as Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop to name but a few. The store has also made one-off pieces for films such as Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, The Decent and the TV show Game of Thrones.

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Crazy Pig now offers over 1000 designs ranging from rings, pendants, bracelets etc and made in either silver, gold or platinum. They also work with precious and semi-precious stones from diamonds rubies and emeralds.

The initial designs are hand carved by Serra himself to which a mold is made, Crazy pig then use the mold to produce waxes of said design which are cast by an in house caster. All of the company’s jewellery is sent the London Assay Office for hallmarking. Once returned, all pieces are hand finished by their in house jewellers.

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