The Diamond Store joins forces with Feefo

Feefo works with hundreds of online retailers to ensure reviews are honest and transparent, with research showing that buyers of luxury goods believe customer reviews are even more important than ever.

Andy Mabbutt, managing director of Feefo, states the following on Feefo’s website: “We are 100 per cent confident that all of the Feefo feedback is true and accurate. It represents what the customer is really saying about your dealings with them (the company).

“Other sites allow people to leave feedback for products or services they have not even bought, just to make them look better. At Feefo we want to stamp this practice out once and for all.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Mabbutt added: “Every business needs to make the most of its interaction with the customer and The Diamond Store is putting its head above the parapet to ensure that it puts buyers first.

“We are truly delighted to be working with them.”

Gary Ingram of The Diamond Store remarked that Feefo had revolutionised the way the company did business and believed authentic reviews were vital in bringing in new customers and giving the website an advantage over its competitors.

“When people leave a comment, good or bad, we try to give a response to that,” said Mr. Ingram. “We may be an online retailer but we’re human and there are real people trying to make the customer’s experience a happy one.”

The Diamond Store currently holds a 97 per cent positive service rating on Feefo’s website, with 1,054 of the 1,291 people reviewing the company rating their service as “excellent”.

Image: Feefo managing director Andy Mabbutt.

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