Jewellery craft&design award winners announced

The award-winning jewellery designer and owner of the Flux ‘n’ Flame Jewellery school clinched the award with her dark fairy tale and folklore inspired work.

PR and marketing manager at the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA) Lindsey Straughton, who was the judge of the award, said: “I am pleased to have selected Jesa Marshall as this year’s Gold Award winner. She not only produces stunning work but imparts her knowledge through her craft skill courses and has recently set up a new design partnership business ‘Evermore’.”

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The Silver Award winners were Craig Stuart and Julia Thompson. Craig Stuart fascinated the judge with his mokume gane technique, which involves producing a billet or block from alternate layers of contrasting metals and heating, fusing and forging them until they act as one but do not alloy. This technique is a unique way of making jewellery. Meanwhile Julia Thompson uses traditional hand fabrication, lost wax casting and acid etching techniques to create bespoke pieces of metal jewellery.

Other finalists included Fran Barker, Lesley H Philips and Lucy Sylvester.

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