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E-commerce Handbook: Louise Sinclair

1.Give me a brief description of your business?

Louise Sinclair Jewellery offers both bespoke fine jewellery and commissioned pieces to a private clientele alongside an e commerce website with ready-to-wear collections of timeless pieces inspired by modern lifestyles. It is a brand with roots that go deep into the world of precious stones and jewellery design.

2.What is your current e-commerce set-up?

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We sell all of our ready-to-wear jewellery collections via our website, which is both easy to navigate and designed to reflect both the brand and our core values. We wanted to ensure our customers felt safe and secure when using the site, due to the high value transactions taking place and we have taken every measure to ensure this is the case. Customers can also approach us via the website to enquire about bespoke commissions.

3.Why do you feel your ecommerce business has been a success?

E-commerce has proven a highly successful tool in increasing sales across the whole business – not only via sales on the website but also in generating increased demand for our bespoke services. Our social media presence has grown exponentially, thereby also driving traffic to our website and vice versa. As a result, we have successfully re-engaged with our established clientele, as well as introduced the brand to a whole new audience and thereby grown our client list.

4.What has been your ecommerce biggest accomplishment so far?

It’s tricky to pinpoint a single accomplishment, however on the whole introducing Louise Sinclair Jewellery to the digital world allowed us access to a far wider audience than when we first launched the brand. It also breathed new life into the business, opened up a host of new opportunities (both on the commercial and the partnership front) and allowed us to stay on top of an ever evolving digital world.

5.Tell me about the design of your website?

It’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible. We wanted to keep things simple but above all engaging. After all, it’s proven that most consumers will browse in one place for a max period of seconds, therefore it’s vital not to lose their attention. We chose to let the jewellery speak for itself and therefore focus on our products. For those who want to know more about the brand, we have sections which tell the story of the business and what LSJ has to offer its clients. We see the website as an extension of the business – our digital ‘shop window’ as it were.

6.How do you engage with your customers?

Word of mouth continues to be an excellent method of engagement, however social media (Instagram and Facebook) as well as press and marketing initiatives ensure our customer engagement is wider and more international.

7.What’s your plan for the next year?

We’ll be continually evolving the website, with added improvements including more collections and visually engaging content for our audiences. Our goal moving forward is to continue to build a strong business and to fine tune the brand messaging for LS Jewellery.

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